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Butterfly VPN


Access blocked web pages and social networks when traveling around the world.

Portable VPN for all devices. Specially designed for travelers.



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Portable Just Like An U Disk


Tiniest VPN device in the world.

Highly portable just like a U disk.

Going to a coffee shop or going for a long trip,

carry the Butterfly VPN,

and access any website on the go.



Easy To Use


Hassle-free setup and usage.

No app or sign up needed

Just plug and play.

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Globally Distributed Lines, Automatic Updates

A More Stable Network


Private: No interactive communication protocol to be recognized,

Versatile: Integrated hardware interaction not shielded by any operating system,

Stable: Decentralized servers across the globe for automatic update of line any time,
Safe: Industrial high-end encryption algorithm, difficult to be cracked



Compatible With All Wi-Fi Device


Compatible with all Devices, all Platforms.

Computer, cell phone, iPad, TV boxes, Kindle, and many others.

Surf up to 10 devices simultaneously!

Share happiness with your friends and families.



100+ lines, Super Fast

10+ Devices, Stable As Well


Lines covering Europe, Asia and North America, each with 100~1000M brandwidth

Automatically select the best line, with latency less than 50ms

4 LAN ports, support wired connection as well
10+ Devices, up to 300Mbps downloading speed with Wi-Fi



Why Choose Butterfly VPN Instead Of VPN Apps Or VPN Router?

Butterfly VPN VPN Apps VPN Router
One Time WiFi Setup ×
Supports Any WiFi Devices ×
Plug And Play ×
Searches For Best Line Automaticly × ×
Automatic Upgrade × ×
Maximum Security With Underlying Encrytion × ×
No Hidden Or Gollow Up Costs × ×

“Highly recommend. Butterfly is for anyone wanting ease, anonymity and speed. Works well and best value.”

— Andrew


“It has been super easy to setup and use. Speeds are fast, connectivity is perfect, and I have not run into problems yet. ”

— Jack


“Butterfly is a really convenient VPN device, which does not take logs and offers good bandwidth... ”

— Tracy


Three Years Stable Operation


14-day money back guarantee

One year guarantee for hardware repair and replacement.


For user guide and frequent asked questions, please visit here

For Home version, please visit here