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Bubbles for All

A great childhood is made of many small joys . and for some lucky kids . bubble baths are included. But your child's eyes water . their skin reddens . and they swear that they'll never bathe again! Drain the tub and try again with TruKid Bubble Podz. Your specially formulated bath bubbles for kids are full of natural ingredients and designed to be gentle on irritable skin.

Gentle Formulas

Put your trust in a parent-developed-and-approved natural bubble bath pod experience. All TruKid products are plant-based and optimized for the vulnerable skin of small children. For extra-sensitive skin . including skin with eczema . choose our unscented options. Your dermatologist-tested . NEA-approved . and cruelty-free Bubble Podz are something both you and your child can feel great about.

A Complete Kids' Skincare Line

Bubble baths are great . but what about the rest of your kid's skin care? Check out our full line of innovative hygiene and skincare products . including kids body wash . skin creams . and sunscreen. Choose TruKid or TruBaby versions to suit your child's age and sensitivities.

The TruKid Mission

Let us help you build a cleaner . more comfortable life for your infant . toddler . or tween. We believe that no child deserves to be itchy . irritated . or infected . especially not as a result of using a bath product. Your toddler bubble bath pods are backed by our commitment to your complete satisfaction.

Raise kids who love to bathe . with TruKid.


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