Botanic Tree Sunless Tanning Lotion Organic Self Tanner for Face & Body, 6 fl Oz

Botanic Tree Sunless Tanning Lotion Organic Self Tanner for Face & Body, 6 fl Oz

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Want a radiant . golden tan the natural and effortless way?

Whether you have a special event . a beach getaway . or simply want to feel fabulous . our sunless tanning lotion is your secret weapon. This natural . organic . and plant-based self tanner gives you an amazing bronzed complexion without exposing your body to UV Rays or harmful chemicals.

Our self tanner lotion is formulated with organic botanical extracts . nourishing oils . and skin-loving vitamins. It's rich in shea butter and 10 organic fruit extracts that help hydrate . refresh . and rejuvenate your skin.

Let your luminous . golden glow become your signature look with the Botanic Tree Organic Sunless Tanning Lotion!

Experience a streak-free . foolproof application with our sun tanning formula. Our organic self tanner lotion effortlessly blends into your skin for that lasting and natural-looking bronzed glow. Apply a thin layer to clean . exfoliated skin . and stay moisturized for best results.

Our tan lotion is delicately scented with a refreshing tropical fragrance. This pleasant scent of our self tanning lotion makes the application process a joy . plus it lingers subtly on your skin and leaves behind a whisper of paradise wherever you go.

Unlike tanning mousse or spray tanner . our indoor self tan lotion is made cruelty-free with zero parabens or toxic chemicals. Use it for self tanning your body or as a face tanner — either way . you'll get a realistic-looking color and nurture your skin with nutrients in the process.

Embrace a sensory journey that makes your tanning routine an absolute pleasure. Add the Botanic Tree Organic Sunless Tanning Lotion to your cart today!

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